The 1st "Sanwa-kai" held

The 1st Sanwakai was held at Hotel Plaza Kachigawa (Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture) at the end of September.

The Sanwa-kai was newly established to bring together all distributors, who were previously divided by each business segment of general industrial products, such as Industrial Hoses, Industrial Products, and Chemical and Plastic products, so that they can learn about general industrial products as a whole in order to handle our group's products across all business segments.

In June 2020, when I became President and CEO, we combined the business divisions of the General Industrial Products Division into a single division, the “Industrial Products Business Headquarters”

This was intended to promote more efficient sales and the creation of differentiated products by bringing together business divisions that had been separated in each of the general industrial products businesses, such as Industrial Hoses, Industrial Products, and Chemical and Plastic products.

We had been planning to unify our distributors' associations since before the Corona pandemic in the hope that they would be able to have a cross-business relationship with our Group. This time, we were finally able to make it happen at a time when the Corona pandemic was settling down.

Origin of the Name

The origin of the name "Sanwakai" is derived from "San" in the “Industrial (“San” in Japanese) Products Business Headquarters” and "Wa" means that our distributors and Business Headquarters value each other and cooperate with each other.

During the meeting, I informed the participants of my expectations for Sanwakai, and then the members of the 2029V formulation team explained the company's policy, concerning 2029V.

After that, the executives in charge of each business division provided detailed information about their businesses. At the entrance of the venue, products from each division were displayed, and during breaks and before and after the meeting, the persons in charge gave presentations with actual products in an effort to deepen the understanding of distributors.

We will work to further strengthen the partnership between our general industrial products business divisions and our distributors, and to expand our business through co-creation.

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