Pioneering the future-2029V and 2025P for yourself

Since the end of August, I have visited domestic and overseas bases and group companies.

The "2029 Sumitomo Riko Group Vision" (hereinafter referred to as "2029V"), which was shared at the GMM (held on August 8), was explained by the 2029V planning members who were the driving force behind the proposal. I had them explain “What the Company strives to be”, “Purpose” and Three Directions* set forth in 2029V, and further, they made presentation on how to proceed with the current issues in their respective divisions.

*1. Developing people and peers who pioneer the future, 2. Building a flexible and strong organization, 3. Creating value for a sustainable society

After that, I spoke again about the "Sumitomo Riko Group Med-Term Management Plan for 2025" (2025P), our Group-wide policies and the Sumitomo Spirit. Since the planners themselves were explaining their presentation, there was a lively Q&A session, and I felt that we were able to communicate with everyone.

Specific Efforts (excerpts)

In response to the "Anytime, Anywhere, and Easy" goal of the Production Information Data Linkage DX, Matsusaka Plant reported their visualization and data utilization through centralized management of production information at the base. At Tokai Chemical Industries, one of the goals for “what the company strives to be” was to improve employee engagement, and they set the goal of creating an organization in which employees can freely express their opinions and make decisions quickly.

When one of the 2029V planning members asked the audience, "Do you still want to work for Tokai Kasei in 2029? The audience responded with a resounding "Yes!” I felt that this was connected not only to the ease of working, but also to the "development of people and colleagues" who work together to create a workplace that is rewarding to work in. At the same time, I also visited the manufacturing site, and when young technical employees explained their kaizen cases there, I told them, "Please keep working on these improvements, as they will lead to more stable earnings and to your own growth and that of the company.” From now on, whenever possible, I will continue to visit each of our domestic and overseas bases to directly hear the opinions of many people and apply them to our business operations. I really hope that these efforts will motivate everyone and help create a workplace that is rewarding to work in.

In addition, I believe that it will be more rewarding to work if each and every employee understands 2029V as his or her own personal matter by having the supervisor in their department explain it to all its members. I strongly expect that everyone will share the policy toward 2029V and continue to take on challenges, which will lead to growth and the realization of "pioneering the future.

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