SRK-QRO's 2nd Plant Extension Line-Off

In early October, I had attended the line-off ceremony for new production line in new expanded building of O’Donnell plant at SRK-QRO in Queretaro, Mexico.

This project was started since 2021 and the newsletter was released in November 2022, which was announcing that SRK had reinforced the production capacity with expanding the existing plant in Mexico for automotive anti-vibration products in order to satisfy customer’s demand in North America.

This timing was just starting the production, and full-operation of mass production will begin a little later.

Ceremony Details

The ceremony was held in the new space at the plant with the governor of the state of Queretaro, the mayor of municipal of El Marquez and member of the contractors of new building as well as with employees of SRK-QRO.

I made the following comment: "We consider this plant is strategically important plant in North and Central America. We would like to full fill this plant with more employees and to work with the government for the future success of both of us".

The ceremony was not quite big but this event was very interested by the local media.

During the reception, the governor and the mayor immediately uploaded the ceremony on social networking sites, and it was also reported on online news.

In response, I listened to following encouraging words from a plant executive, "We are very happy and would like to deploy this situation to all employees in SRK-QRO and increase their motivate up. We would like to use this topic as an opportunity to recruit more employees,”

In the evening, we had a consolation party and listened to what the local staffs were feeling to the ceremony.

The representative of the preparation and other managers commented, "It was very unusual that the governor took his three secretaries to the ceremony, such as the Labor secretary, SDG’s secretary, and New Development secretary, and I was very surprised and happy.”

They also commented, "I am sure our employees will be pleased, and proud of this.”

The vice president of the company left another message, "I would like to dedicate myself to further developing of this company.”

It was a very satisfied day for me because I was able to make many communications with local members.

I promise the continuous work together with all members to improve and to optimize our North and Central American business.

(From left to right) Nachi, President of SRK-QRO; Secretary to the Governor; Yasuda, Director and Managing Executive Officer; myself; Mauricio Kuri, Governor of Querétaro; Marco Del Prete, Secretary of Sustainable Development; Enrique Vega, El Marques, Mayor; Liliana San Martín, Secretary of Labor; Endo, Vice President of Sumitomo Riko America

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