Developing Human Resources who will Pioneer the Future

Have you ever heard of "human capital management"?

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to "human capital management," which considers human resources as "capital" and maximizes their value to enhance corporate value over the medium to long term.

Beginning with this year's securities report (for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023), approximately 4,000 companies will be required to disclose human capital information, such as human resource development policies and internal environmental improvements.

It has become essential to link management strategies with human resource strategies as well as promote more concrete human resource policies.

Since becoming the president, based on the belief that "There is no better business strategy than human resource development”, I have been working to reorganize the company-wide education system for all levels of employees with the human resources department.

Last year, when we published this company-wide education system in our in-house web magazine "Mitsukumi2," the number of views of the article was extremely large, and I realized the high level of interest in education among our employees.

Since this January, the "GCK" e-learning program has been available for use by all of our employees.

There are approximately 60 courses available, ranging from basic content such as the Sumitomo Spirit and compliance to practical content such as business skills, manufacturing, and management.

I would like you to actively select and take educational courses.

Regarding EMP

In November last year, our company launched the “Executive Management Program (EMP re-co)” for management candidates.

This is a more powerful version of the "Advanced Management School," a training program for next-generation executives that has been implemented since 2017.

As we continue to improve our company-wide human resource education system, we introduced this new program with the aim of "Developing human resources who will pioneer the future of our company”.

I and other executives of our company will be involved in the development of human resources.

We want participants to become the kind of executives that young employees look up to and aspire to become.

This year, a total of four people from each business headquarters are participating in this program.

I was in charge of the initial lecture and we had a heated discussion about "what kind of company we want our group to be in the future" and "what kind of human resources we should create”.

The next session’s lecture will be offered by Outside Director Iritani.

In addition, experts will be invited to give lectures on the three themes of "Sustainable Management," "ESG Management," and "Business and Human Rights.

After the lectures, the participants will discuss each theme and propose how our group should be and what solutions it should provide from a medium- to long-term perspective to address our issues.

A video of the lectures will be posted on the Human Resources Development Department's intranet so that employees can also listen to the lectures, so please take a look.

In this EMP, the people who will envision and lead our company's future in these times of change are participating.

I am sure that the strict but warm views of our employees will be a great encouragement to the members participating in the EMP.

I strongly hope that you will look forward to and pay attention to these activities.

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