Sumitomo Riko in the Engine Hood

In the past few months, we have held press releases many times about our new technologies and products. I hope you've been following them on our website.

Body-Motion Sensors, Microfluidic Devices, and Thin-film High-heat Insulation Material “Finesulight”— On October 1, we also announced the establishment of a joint laboratory with AIST(The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

While issuing news regarding new business field products, we have been steadily and seriously developing and manufacturing our existing main stream products.

The GR Yaris, released by Toyota Motor Corporation last month, adopted an engine cover produced by our Sound-Proof Products Business Unit.

As you know, the GR Yaris is a compact commercial car that generously incorporates the technology developed in car racing.

This aggressive car has been fitted with our urethane engine cover in order to reduce engine noise.

Heat and flame resistance are required in the hot engine room, however, design is also important.

The sleek black plastic cover, and the red parts, which are widely known for their sports car image, add a sporty touch, while the "GR" brand logo sticker is attached.

And on the back of it, urethane sound-absorbing material is placed in accordance with the shape of the engine to ensure quietness in the engine room and comfort in the cabin space.

I will be so happy if we can provide an advanced design that perfectly delivers the necessary performance, without spoiling the GR Yaris' powerful and agile driving image.

Actually, this product is manufactured by members at the Mitake Plant (Mitake Town, Gifu Prefecture) of Tokai Chemical Industries, LTD (TCI), which manufactures and sells urethane products (Sound-Proof and Interior Products) in Sumitomo Riko group.

The GR Yaris also uses a number of anti-vibration rubber for engine mounts and chassis system to control vibrations from the engine and road surface, and many hoses to transport various fluids such as water, fuel etc.

Because we are a B to B supplier, we deal with a lot of products that ordinary people don't usually see.

However, the engine cover is the first product you'll see when you open the hood of your GR Yaris, that’s why I introduced this issue to you so that you can check out our work for yourselves.

I am really proud of the fact that for more than 90 years since our founding, we have continued to make products that support the lives of people around the world behind the scenes.

The automotive industry is undergoing a great wave of change, but we will continue to value the basics of delivering even better products to our customers in a timely manner, and rather than going against these rough seas, we will ride these big waves. 

The engine cover applied for the GR Yaris

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