Walk together and get some meat!?

At the end of last year, you probably received a notice from the Health Care Office informing all the employees that "Pep Up" is about to begin.

You probably received a letter in writing at your home as well.

The article about this was also included in the February issue of "Voice" our web-based internal newsletter, which was published recently.

What is “Pep Up”?

Pep Up is a smartphone application.

It not only shows your health age based on the results of your company's health checkups, but also allows you to register your health records such as walking records (number of steps), weight, and blood pressure every day to maintain and improve your health.

In order to maintain your motivation, you can earn points just by registering, which can be exchanged for Amazon gift certificates and other products.

As I have written in my blog, I walk every day, so I was thinking that I didn’t have to register all the way.

However, some time after the start of the year, Ms. Kimura from the Health Care Office and Ms. Maki from the health union came to the president's office and asked, “President! Please resister to Pep Up by all means!”

Rather than for me (laughs), I was persuaded enthusiastically to register so that my employees would be interested in this activity and work healthily. Therefore, I have decided to register.

Actually, since my health age was 9 years younger than my actual age, I felt happy and immediately entered my achievements such as walking and weight for December.

And I found if I keep going at this rate until March, I will earn more than 2,000 points as the special event is currently ongoing.

And that, If I continue several more months, I’ll be entitled to get carefully selected Japanese black Japanese beef!

I recommend you to register for the sake of your health (or for winning prizes?) (^^.

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