Looking to the Future

Last October, we established the "Sumitomo Riko - AIST Advanced Polymer Device Collaboration Laboratory" in the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Recently, a report meeting on the results of the 20th fiscal year was held on the web.

Under the theme of "Promotion of research on advanced polymer devices for safety, security, and comfort," I wondered what kind of reports there would be, and whether our company and the leading research institute in Japan would be able to create synergy effects.

Anyway, I attended the meeting together with Chairman Matsui with great expectations to respond speedily to the changing environment of the world.

The presentation about the results of the estimation of the occupant's state (heartbeat, respiration, etc.) while driving a car using our originally developed rubber sensor "Smart Rubber Sensor" exceeded our expectations. Because it verified the results of driving tests with academic support for the logical development.

For example, if we can accurately grasp the state of the occupants during automatic driving, it may become possible in the future to automatically change the driving pattern to one that does not cause car sickness when signs of car sickness are detected.

I was glad to know that they are steadily advancing their research and development even under the harsh environment of the Corona pandemic.

I encouraged them to continue to move forward with a sense of speed to keep up with the rapid changes in the business environment.

This is research and development that will contribute to the safety of people riding in cars, trucks, buses, and other forms of mobility, therefore, I look forward to seeing the future progress.

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