Entrance Ceremony

We held the company entrance ceremony on April 1st.

Last year, we had to split the times and places of the event because of the corona virus pandemic, but this year, thanks to the ingenuity of the Human Resources Department and the Komaki Personnel Section, we were able to hold the event simultaneously via the web.

Thank you to everyone who helped hold the event.

In order to prevent infection, the event was held in different locations, including a conference room at the Komaki head office and a conference room at the Unuma San Gakukan training facility (Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture).

As a congratulatory speech, I gave the following speech.

To all new employees

I would like to express my gratitude to you for choosing Sumitomo Riko from among so many other companies.

First of all, I would like you to adhere to the Sumitomo Spirit of "Shinyo-kakujitsu" and "Fusu-Furi" as the basis of your actions.

Now, the environment surrounding us is constantly changing with "the new coronavirus pandemic," "international issues," and "major changes in dealing with CASE.

We believe that this rapid change is a real opportunity for our Group to make a transformation.

What is the most important for our Group to grow further in the future is for teams and organizations to unite in response to change, to go beyond existing frameworks, and to proactively collaborate with external parties to create "new value," in other words, "co-creation.

Please be aware of the policies of "Creating colleagues who co-create value" and "Creating a corporate culture that flexibly responds to change without being bound by past concepts.

I would like to make a company where communication is interactively very active in all situations and levels, and where new values and ideas are generated one after another in each field, and you can feel “we could make this only because you and I worked together.”

I would like to share two things that I think are important to achieve this.

The first is to be honest.

You need to be honest enough to accept.

In other words, first of all, receive the ideas and values of others.

And express your opinion honestly.

Not only accept, but also be courageous enough to express what you think is wrong, what you have questions about, and what you want to do.

The second is to "Try and challenge”.

As with anything else, you cannot change reality unless you take action.

Be brave and try various things.

I try to find various opportunities to interact with my employees, and I want you to be as open and honest as possible about what you are feeling.

I will do my best to listen to what you say and do what I can as president.

I would like to conclude my congratulatory speech by wishing you all the best in your careers as members of our company.

Let's do our best together!

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