The Global Compact Network Japan (GCNJ), in collaboration with the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), published the "SDGs Research Report Vol. 5", in which the activities of our group were introduced (pages 39-40).


The GCNJ is an organization that supports the initiatives of the United Nations Global Compact in Japan.

In October 2014, our group signed the UNGC on the occasion of a company name change and expressed its support for its activities.

The report shows that the number of companies addressing social issues such as "climate change," "plastic issues," "human rights and diversity," and "anti-corruption" is steadily increasing.

I believe that companies that can quickly detect changes in social demands and respond to them in an agile manner, rather than merely complying with laws and regulations, will be able to grow sustainably as "indispensable companies for society.

This is in line with my New Year's resolution of "Creating a corporate culture that flexibly responds to change without being bound by past concepts," and I believe this is the most important thing for our company today.

The report also included an interview with me titled "Practicing Corporate Value and Public Value Enhancement Even Under the Corona Pandemic”.

The article introduces your efforts since the start of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, our initiatives to enhance public value through products and businesses that address the coronavirus pandemic and climate change issues, and our business strategy for the shift from gasoline to electric vehicles.

I have sent out this message to our dear employees and many other stakeholders in the hope that you will understand it as my thoughts and commitment, so please take a peek.

This interview contains messages not only from me, but also from the top managements of nine companies and organizations.

・Development of corona pandemic responsive products by employees who have experience of volunteering in disaster areas

・Smart bonus system to reduce overtime work as part of work style reform

As mentioned above, there are some interesting examples, so let's actively adopt the ideas that can be helpful.

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