Toward a more Lean and Solid Management Structure

At the end of June, a ceremony was held at the Oita Prefectural Government to announce the expansion of SumiRiko Kyushu (located in Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture), our Group's Automotive Anti-Vibration rubber manufacturing and sales subsidiary.

In the presence of Katsusada Hirose, Governor of Oita Prefecture, and Toshio Sasaki, Mayor of Bungotakada City, we explained our future Automotive Anti-Vibration business in the Kyushu region.

From left, Senior Managing Executive Officer Oshima, myself, Governor Hirose, Mayor Sasaki, President Kondo (SumiRiko Kyushu), and Manager Ogawa (SumiRiko Kyushu)

This move is in accordance with the reorganization of the Fuji Susono Plant (Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture), which was released in May.

Part of the production function of automotive anti-vibration rubber manufactured at the plant will be transferred to SumiRiko Kyushu.

At the same time, most of the production functions for printer and copier rolls and blades will be transferred to SumiRiko Oita AE (Bungo Takata City).

We will take this opportunity to expand our facilities and establish a system that can respond to new orders that are expected in the future.

As the production capacity of SumiRiko Kyushu will be increased by about 10%, we will be able to respond to our customers' requests more smoothly.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the employees who will be transferred from Shizuoka Prefecture as a result of the function transfer, and I look forward to your further success in the new location.

The new plant is scheduled to start operation between May and October of next year.

On the day, I said, "It makes sense for us to manufacture our products close to our customers, and we have decided to expand our plant in this area. I hope you will continue to support us.”

We received comments from Governor Hirose and Mayor Sasaki such as “ the project will have a great impact on Car Island Kyushu” and “will be encouraging for industrial promotion”.

Strengthen management structure

Although the Corona pandemic has been going on since last year, I would like to turn this crisis into an opportunity.

Combined with the Corona impact, the external environment in which we operate is changing more dramatically and constantly than in the past.

We need to respond flexibly to these changes and change our structure.

At the same time, we will make appropriate investments in future growth areas by thoroughly assessing their probability.

Challenge and Action

Some of you may think that the change is too rapid.

However, in order for the Sumitomo Riko Group to continue to grow, protect employment, and develop in the future, we must not repeat what we have done in the past.

In order to grow and change, we need to "challenge" and "act".

And if we can enjoy it, even better.

I seriously urge all employees to think again about what you can challenge now and what you should challenge in the future.

I swear that I will do my best to support your challenges.

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