New employees, to their assignments - Now for a future where they can say, "That job was fun!”

In the final stage of training for new career-track employees, I went to Unuma San Gakkan (Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture) on June 25 to talk with them.

They were exposed to our products every day during their factory training and entered the production line, so I am sure that they could experience the hardships by themselves

What I also remember from my factory training is that it was very hard and I lost some kilograms.

That experience has led to my current feeling of awe and gratitude for those involved in manufacturing.

New members’ Aspirations

Looking back, since I joined Sumitomo Electric as a new employee, I have always challenged myself to change something.

I feel that the experience of continuing to challenge myself during my first 10 years as a newcomer has helped me become the person I am today.

When you work hard at your assigned tasks with the spirit of "Banji-Nissei," someone is watching you, both inside and outside the company.

I still have a good relationship with the customers from those days with whom I overcame difficulties, both in private and in public, and they have become valuable assets in my corporate life, which I am even more grateful for after becoming a manager.

After my talk, I could listen to each of the new employees’ aspirations for the future as


“I would like to work with all my heart and soul so that when I look back in a few years, I can think, 'That job was fun!”

“In my future working life, I would be happy if I could experience 'human relationships that can be built only through serious work' and 'experiences that are enjoyable even when they are difficult. To achieve this, I would like to challenge myself in various ways and try my best.”

I think that's exactly what I expect them to do.

I was relieved to see that my intention to have them tackle their daily work with the spirit of "Banji-Nissei," was accepted by them.


It has been a year since I embarked on the voyage to become the president of the company in June last year, and I have been struggling with the rough sea of the new coronavirus pandemic.

During this period, I have been thinking and implementing various things to change the Sumitomo Riko Group for the better.

What I said at the beginning of the year about continuing to take on challenges in order to "Creating a corporate culture that flexibly responds to change without being bound by past concepts" is an attitude that I have not changed since I joined the company.

Hot days continue, but let’s spend each day with fullness taking care of our health and safety.

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