Sandwiched between customers and my boss.

The other day, I visited one of our bases in Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu for the first time.

In March this year, the two bases, "SUMITOMO RIKO Hosetex, Ltd (PB Business Control Division) Fukuoka Office" and "SumiRiko Corporation, Fukuoka Office" were consolidated into one base (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City) and have just started operating together.

I hope that the two companies will work together as a team and do their best to create synergy through friendly competition with each other as the Sumitomo Riko Group.

Initially, I was planning to take a short tour of the industrial hose assembly plant and leave immediately so as not to disturb everyone.

However, I was told that the two base managers were going to give me their latest business reports, so I had to enter the conference room with them.

As I listened to their business reports, I decided to talk a little about my past experiences.

My old story

When I was in my thirties, I was the regional manager of a small trading company for distributors.

At that time, I was caught between the demands of the customers and the instructions from the head office (executives), and I experienced many things.

In those days, I often thought that the head office did not easily understand the thoughts and feelings of the field.

However, looking back at those days, I came to think that one of the reasons for such issues might have been my lack of explanation to both of them.

After realizing this point, I started to think about how to find a solution that benefits both the customer and the company, and focused on the solution.

By doing so, I believe that the issues of both the customer and the head office could be resolved smoothly.

Once I started talking, we ended up having a talk for over an hour.

Honestly regretting that I had interfered with their job, I left their office saying

“Let’s drink together taking more time after regular working time when the COVID-19 pandemic is contained.”

The dialogue with them gave me a chance to recall my own experiences in my young days.

I would like to go back to the spirit of “Banji-Nissei”, and continue to devote myself to my mission.

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