September 25 (Sat) 18:00, Sumitomo Riko appears in the TV program "Shirarezaru (Unknown) Gulliver"!

This time, we would like to introduce a rather unique and happy topic.

Our group is going to appear in the TV Tokyo business program "Shirarezaru (Unknown) Gulliver".

This is a program in which student reporters conduct interviews to convey the appeal of world-class Japanese companies.

We were invited by the production side of the program and decided to participate in the interview.

The interviews were conducted at the Komaki Head Office, Komaki Plant and the Sumitomo Riko Hosetex Head Office, Kyoto Plant..

Focusing on our polymer material technology (material strength), we introduced our industrial hoses, automotive anti-vibration rubber, and FINESULIGHT.

It seems that everyone in the related departments made their own efforts to explain our products and unique technologies in an easy-to-understand manner in front of the camera.

I heard that some of them prepared for the day of the event by practicing their explanations and interview answers, and preparing a copy of their answers.

I'm very much looking forward to the broadcast.

I was interviewed at the headquarters building and at Technopia.

As for the history of our group, turning points, and the depth of our anti-vibration rubber technology, I have tried to express the thoughts and efforts of our seniors.

And regarding our vision for the future, as I have always told everyone, we will be "flexible to change" and "be a company that is needed by the world.

I think this part is about 10 seconds at the end of the program, so please don't miss it (laughs).

I would be happy if my thoughts are conveyed in combination with the history of Sumitomo Riko and the appealing points of our company.

This is a rare program that introduces a single company in depth in a 30-minute slot.

Three days of footage will be condensed into a 30-minute program.

I think you can tell which parts of our company were appealing and surprising to the production team by what parts of the recorded scenes are broadcasted.

It also gives us an objective view of the "appeal of our company" that we don't notice internally because we take it for granted.

I can't wait to see who will be on the show and what kind of images will be presented.

I’ll see you in front of the TV this Saturday at 18:00!

TV Tokyo "Shirereshiru Gulliver - Excellent Company File

■Date and time of broadcast

September 25 (Saturday), 18:00-18:30

■Broadcast area

6 TV Tokyo affiliate stations

(TV Tokyo, TV Hokkaido, TV Aichi, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting)

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