Publication of "Integrated Report 2021"

We are pleased to announce the publication of our Integrated Report on September 21 as one of our communication tools with institutional investors and other stakeholders.

In the current fiscal year as well, we worked hard to provide an integrated and concise explanation of the “Scenario” of how we will create value over the medium to long term, based on a summary of our business performance, surrounding business environment, and strategies.

Outline of this fiscal year's version

Theme:We will create an organizational culture that responds to changes in the global environment and society, and grow sustainably with society.

1. Business Overview

FY 2020: All employees worked hard with a strong sense of crisis even under severe business environments where production fluctuated greatly due to the Corona pandemic.

Even in the midst of such severe conditions, we could make steady progress in “Transforming ourselves into a More Solid Management Structure”, “Creating New Products”, and “Collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

FY 2021: Further strengthen the profit structure and promote carbon neutrality by aiming to "create a culture that flexibly responds to change.

2.Medium-Term Strategy

The Company We Aspire to Be in the Long-Term


Our products and initiatives that contribute to the resolution of social issues such as the SDGs

Progress toward the 2022V targets for the environment, safety, compliance, etc., commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, organizational restructuring, and long-term oriented management

The above is my message, and the following information is also included.

Corporate governance structure, messages from outside directors

Financial policy, financial data

This time, regarding the introduction of our group’s products and technologies, we made efforts in not only overviews and strategies, but also visible links to solving social issues and customer needs.

We also explained about the thin-film high heat insulating material "FINESULIGHT", which was launched last year and has been covered by newspapers and other media.

"FINESULIGHT” is a new high heat insulating material created by using our dispersion control technology, one of our core competencies in polymer material technology, to turn silica aerogel into a water-based coating material.


Since we announced the commercialization of this product, we have received inquiries and consultations from various companies and research institutes, and it has been adopted in a variety of fields such as vaccine transport boxes and food delivery.

Also, this is drawing attention both internally and externally as a product to contribute to carbon neutrality. This is a highly promising product with great potential, so please read on!

Dear employees

The Integrated Report comprehensively contains our company's current activities and medium- to long-term goals.

In particular, I would like to ask all the managers, supervisors and group leaders to look through the related websites to understand the overall activities of our company.

Also, please actively use the Report as a tool to communicate with external parties such as customers and business partners.

Of course, I also will use it aggressively in my top sales.

I strongly believe that if each and every employee knows and understands the path that the company is taking, and if we can move forward as one team, it will provide the foundation for a flexible and strong organization.

Our Group will create social value through further enhancement of corporate value and public interest value by enhancing information disclosure through various media, including the Integrated Report and CSR information website.

The URL for "Integrated Report 2021" on our website

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