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In the still hot weather at the end of August, we inspected Automotive Anti-Vibration Business main plant and the Industrial products and Materials Business plant at the Komaki head office and factory, and held safety dialogues.

The Safety and Health Department leads regular inspections of each plant to ensure that " Safety is our first priority" is not just a rallying cry, but that the plants are actually safe.

The "safety dialogues" are one-on-one conversations with employees in the workplace in conjunction with the inspection.

The purpose of this session is to deepen communication by having participants talk honestly about their problems, anxieties, and recent situations, as there are no other people around.

This is an initiative that has been ongoing since 2012, and is held about once a month.

However, since I am unable to make overseas business trips, which I used to do before the Corona pandemic, I use that time to visit the plant by myself at least once a week, apart from these regular visits.

What I noticed and what I talked about in that situation

・Regarding countermeasures against heat stroke

Countermeasures against summer heat in factories have long been a problem.

Spot coolers and water dispensers have been enhanced, and the factory I visited this time seemed to be making improvements.

However, leaders, Kaizen teams and maintenance members who do not have a fixed workplaces are still struggling.

・Regarding COVID 19 infection countermeasures

Although it was hot, they seemed to be taking good care of themselves by wearing masks and taking care of themselves in the break room.

I asked them to continue to repeat the reminders.

・regarding the deterioration of passageways

Inevitably, after many years of use, they become decrepit.

We would like to do a full-scale repair, but we will do so with safety as our first priority, and then we will determine the cost effectiveness of the repair.

On the other hand, when I saw the new employees who joined the company this spring already working earnestly right next to the manufacturing facilities, I was deeply impressed to see that they are working as respectable members of society.

I also talked with a person who had been working for us for a period of time because of the loss of a project at another company.

He has now been promoted to a full-time position and said, "I am happy to have a stable income. I want to continue to work hard and have a family.” It was encouraging for me to hear him talk about his hopes for the future.

Dear all the employees, once an accident happens and if you are injured, there are cases that cannot be undone.

Please take care of your safety and health as you go about your daily work.

And if there are any unsafe situations or near-misses, please communicate them immediately.

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