Technology to Watch Over Our Lives MONILIFE Series

In this issue, I would like to talk about our product, MONILIFE.

MoniLife is a vital sensor applying our proprietary flexible conductive rubber material "Smart Rubber (SR)".

It is capable of measuring vital data such as heartbeat and respiration based on subtle vibrations (body movement information).

As previously reported, we are continuing joint research with Osaka University to see if this sensor can be used to observe sudden changes in the condition of novel corona patients, and are currently conducting clinical experiments.

Among the MONILIFE series (Mobility / Platform / Wellness), "MONILIFE Wellness" is a product designed primarily for use at bedtime. It can acquire vital data simply by laying it on the bed, and its thin and soft design enables "visualization" of daily sleep and breathing conditions without disturbing sleep.

In this issue, I will introduce some examples of its practical use in the market.

・Our product has been adopted by the sleep analysis service "9h sleep fitscan" of “9h nine hours”, the largest capsule hotel operator in Japan. This is a service that reports on the sleep quality and breathing conditions of guests using “9h nine hours'” proprietary analysis technology based on information acquired by MONILIFE.

・In cooperation with the room management system for luxury hotels operated by NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation, we are also conducting a demonstration experiment in which the lighting and air conditioning are automatically controlled according to the sleeping conditions of hotel guests to provide a high-quality sleeping environment and efficient guest room operation.

・MONILIFE has been adopted in the "optimal thermal control technology for daytime napping" developed by Daikin Industries, Ltd. And the technology has been installed in a napping booth at the co-working space "point 0 marunouchi" to evaluate its effectiveness as a napping experience system.

Through support for the use of sleep data by Monilife Wellness, we hope to contribute to corporate "health management" and "health investment" while staying close to people working in modern society.

I surely believe that the technologies and products in this healthcare business will truly contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

I look forward to seeing more companies collaborating with us in the future and developing into products that are needed and loved by society.

※“MONILIFE” is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Riko.

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