The 64th Technical Presentation

In late August, the 64th Technical Presentation Meeting was held at “the Komaki Head Office and Plant”.

This presentation meeting is held twice a year within the company, and consists of a briefing session from young business division engineers and a poster session, both of which are held in the main conference room.

Compared to the "Research Report Meeting," which includes basic research, etc., this meeting is characterized by the fact that many of its contents are closer to business implementation.

Although I cannot go into specifics because they are technological core areas for our group, the details of new product development for automotive and general industrial products were presented under the main theme of "Challenging Technological Development Toward 2029V to Quickly Respond to Changing Social Issues.

Since I believe that the future of our group lies in the hands of the young engineers who give presentations, I listened to all the presentations with great interest.

There were times when they could not immediately answer detailed questions, or had to ask for help from their supervisors, but I could see that they were working earnestly.


At the end of the meeting, I shared the following message; "In order for a company to keep growing, a certain amount of "profit" is necessary. In order to generate such profits, it is necessary to create "product value" that is equivalent to a "price" that customers are willing to pay, and that can be differentiated by manufacturing capabilities that other companies do not have. To achieve this, it is important not only to grasp the current needs of our customers, but also to predict the future, such as changes in the external environment and product requirements, and to have the attitude and ability to make proposals”.

I also requested engineers in our business divisions to not only develop and apply for the patents, but that I expect of them to dig into even “manufacturing conditions and specifications”.

Listening to this technical presentation provided me with a day during which I felt that there was a bright future in store for our company. 

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