Do you read every issue of our company newsletter?

Our internal newsletter was first published in 1958, and 540 issues have been published so far.

Among them, our company Communication Magazine “MITSUKUMI” has a circulation of approximately 7,000 copies for each issue and is read by our overseas offices and former employees.

One of the purposes of the newsletter is to share the company's policies and directions with all employees of the Sumitomo Riko group.

I have experienced several companies, so I feel that the company newsletter has its own personality.

I would like you to become attached to the company through the company newsletter.

Company newsletter for me

After joining our company in 2018, I looked through Mitsukumi to get to know Sumitomo Riko, and I found it heartwarming and cozy while the content was serious. I also felt the product introduction cartoon inserted in the company newsletter was fresh with a trendy drawing style which was not typical of our company.

Then, when I was interviewed for the February '19 issue of the Board of Directors, a lot of people approached me and I think it was a great opportunity for employees to get to know me.

The company newsletter is now available in two versions: a booklet version and a web-based version, in keeping with the changing times.

The booklet version of Mitsukumi contains information that employees of the Group must know, such as business performance and S.E.C.-Q, etc.

In contrast, the web version of "Voice" focuses on communication among group employees, including employee’s essays and news from the production bases, etc.

I have appeared in every issue since I became the president.

Use the company newsletter as a means of information gathering and communication

With the world changing at a dizzying pace, I would like you to spread your antennas high and wide to catch up on information from inside and outside the company.

In this sense, the company newsletter is the most appropriate way to get access to information about the Group.

I would like to encourage everyone to get involved by reading our company newsletter and posting news and photos, but I understand that it can be difficult for you to take time to read through it during your working hours.

However, you can also take the booklet version home with you, and it would be great if you could read it at home at your leisure and even have your family look at it.

I’ve heard that at the manufacturing floors, you can share and read the internal letters at break spaces when you are taking break, so please take a look for a moment at any rate.

We are also considering whether it is possible to make the company newsletter available to each of us on our own private smartphones and other devices.

We welcome your feedback on this matter.

There have been many employees featured in the company newsletter.

How about saying something like, "I saw you in the magazine," as a way to start communication with your colleagues?

As a matter of fact, I also use it as an opportunity to talk to the employees.

The cartoon is available on our website.

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