Safety first, and health first, too!

In 2017, we established the "Sumitomo Riko Group Health Management Declaration".

We declare to society that we aim to become a corporate group that is 'highly valued and trusted by society and one in which our employees are healthy and active by raising the health awareness of all our employees.

In fact, I am a bit ashamed to admit that I have never consciously cared about my health.

But from my experiences I have found that people who have contributed for a long time to the company and don't bother their families are always watching out for safety and also are healthy.

The reason of saying “Keep Safe” when greeting is wishing you not to get injury.

I believe that being health conscious is just as important as being "safe".

Health Initiatives

When I think about myself, I do have Nominication (drinking communication)

with various people on a daily basis, but I also do the following,

* I don't smoke.

* I play Rec Volley (recreation volleyball) and sweat a lot once a week.

* I walk more than 10,000 steps a day.

* I go to bed early and get up early.

Actually, I missed the chance to smoke when I was young, and I have had no interest in it, so I’ve never smoked after all.

Rec Volleyball, which stands for recreational volleyball, was invented by the Nagoya City Board of Education as a lifelong sport.

Because of its rules that you always have to pass the ball four times/four players before returning it, and because there is no attack (passing it back with both hands), volleyball is just a good sport for men and women of all ages to sweat together and strategy is important because of the lack of speed.

I started this Rec Volleyball about 10 years ago when I first started living in Nagoya as part of the elementary school's PTA activities of my kids. I have continued it because it's just fun (and the after party is fun too).

My walking started more than 20 years ago when I was working in Tokyo and commuting on a super crowded train, which was very painful. This pain made me start walking. I woke up a little early to avoid taking a crowded train as much as possible and walked a few subway stations to get to work, which became a habit.

As a result, I went to bed earlier and woke up earlier and didn't drink until late at night.

I am not at all aware that I've been paying attention to my health, but now reflecting back on it, it's a pretty healthy life style, isn’t it?

Maybe it's best if you start with something you are interested in and can do without pushing yourself.

The Health Care Office has developed various measures for our employees, including "Walking Together," "Smart Club Activities (Lose Weight activities in a group)," and "No Smoking Challenge" activities, etc.

I'm sure they are always willing to talk to you about it, so please contact them if you're interested.

So, everyone, "Keep safe".

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