Sumitomo Riko Hosetex, Ltd.

In order to greet our group companies as the new president, I first visited “SumiRiko Corporation” and then went to “Sumitomo Riko Hosetex, Ltd.” located in Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture.

Ayabe City is located in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, about an hour from Kyoto station by express train.

The city is famous for its silk fabrics, and its textile and machinery industries are thriving.

In 2013, we established Sumitomo Riko Hosetex, Ltd. (originally TRI Kyoto) in Ayabe City.

Sumitomo Riko Hosetex, Ltd. manufactures Hydraulic Hoses for excavators and other construction equipment, and Industrial Hoses used at civil engineering sites and steel plants.

It also has production bases in India and China to provide products to customers around the world.

Plant inspection

I reminded associates that our products are contributing to the development of infrastructure and industry around the world, and told them to take pride in their jobs, and work hard in their daily operations.

Inside the plant, I observed a unique production line that makes use of the large area of the site to manufacture approximately 60-meter long Hydraulic Hoses.

In the manufacturing process for Industrial Hoses, many of the hoses are made by hand, one item at a time, unlike those for automobiles, in order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, and we were able to catch a glimpse of the craftsmanship of the workers.

We have long wondered if these special products could be promoted to customers to help them understand and appreciate their characteristics, and we asked our staff to help us do so again.

I am expecting that associates at Sumitomo Riko Hosetex, Ltd. will continue to play a role in responding to our customers' needs on a global scale.

However, unfortunately, this plant had caused an industrial accident which resulted in serious injuries in the past.

I told them to continue to implement the measures to prevent accidents and to keep “Safety is first” in mind further as they carry out their business activities.

Ayabe City

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the city of Ayabe for the tremendous support it has provided to our Group since its expansion into the region.

Today, many local people are working for us, along with those on transfer from Sumitomo Riko.

We hope to be a company that is needed by Ayabe City and that can contribute to the community.

The future of our business environment is uncertain due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus, but we will work together as a group to overcome the challenges one by one.

Also, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections, we could not hold a friendly drinking party at this time.

I have heard that Ayabe is famous for its local sake brewed in a rich natural environment, so when the coronavirus crisis is resolved, I would like to join the associates for drinking parties in the future.

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