One of our strengths / core competencies is our polymer material technology.

The “Body Motion Sensor” is a product developed using this technology, which allows you to measure vital data such as heart rate and respiration simply by lying on the product.

In particular, processing and analyzing of the data collected by the sensors will lead to the creation of products with higher added value.

However, we have little knowledge of the "software" technology that is responsible for data processing, so we ask outside partner companies for help.

When asking for help, if we have a certain level of knowledge on our side of the business, we can be more creative and will be more effective.

Actually, in the final report of “the Strategic Project” initiated by the young associates, it was suggested that someone with comprehensive software knowledge should be invited to join the project.

Request for cooperation with Mr. Asaoka

At that time, I learned that Mr. Taizo Asaoka (then Managing Executive Officer and Deputy General Manager of the Electronics Business Group) was going to retire in June, and I went to see him at once.

At that point, he said. ”What the hell are you doing here?” However, I explained to him about the project, and he also kindly exchanged opinions with members of our R&D Headquarters.

Thankfully, he saw the significance of the project and agreed to help us as an advisor as the first step.

Development of our company’s sensor technology

As announced in August, Osaka University has been researching whether it is possible to remotely detect early signs of respiratory failure by measuring the respiratory state of patients with new coronavirus infections while they sleep, and our body motion sensors are being used for this research.

In the automotive field, we are also developing a driver monitoring system that incorporates sensors into the seat to measure vital data while driving.

We believe this technology will be an important system for the safety of drivers who may fall asleep or have the possibility of becoming ill suddenly while driving.

I would be happy if the "human connections" that I have valued so much would play some role in speeding up and deepening the sensor-related development for the future.

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