Work and Life shall be with the Spirit of Banji-nissei~Achieveing results while also enjoying a fulf

(Left) Mr. Manabu Tsukagoshi, Director, Fathering Japan

Our company recently joined the alliance of “ikubosu” companies operated by Fathering Japan, a non-profit organization.

In promoting “engagement,” “D&I,” and “human resource development,” which are also non-financial goals of the Management Vision (2029V) announced last year, this year we will promote reform of our corporate culture along with reform of our work style under the Ikubosu philosophy.

When I entered the workforce, we were of the “Can you work 24 hours a day?” generation, and the general trend was for the “capable boss” to work hard and say, “Watch my back and follow me.”
I actually felt a little uncomfortable at the time, and if I ever had a subordinate, I wanted to have a relationship where we could communicate more, and I wanted to take care of my family and be both on and off the job.
As I have told you on various occasions, I have not worked overtime since the turn of the century.

That is just from the time I became a manager.
Also, I surely take vacations off.
Values in the world are changing, and it is truly a time to “respond flexibly to change without being bound by past concepts.”

What I consider an “ikubosu”

In this sense, my definition of “ikubosu” does not only refer to a supervisor who supports the career of members who are raising children.
An “ikubosu” is a person who can give first priority to the fulfillment of the work and lives of the diverse members who work with him or her in the workplace.

A person who can bring out the individuality and strengths of each member and produce results in the organization while supporting the career and life of each member.

And an “ikubos” is a boss who can implement the above while also enjoying his or her own work and life.
Specifically, in order to increase the productivity of members and themselves, they shall promote faster decision-making and reduce inefficient meetings and documents.

In addition, in order to keep operations running smoothly within the organization, they shall be creating a system for sharing information and fostering teamwork.
They will also value work-life balance and enjoy their lives.
In other words, they are able to achieve results in their work and have a fulfilling life.
I believe that an “ikubos” is a boss who is a two-way player who is able to achieve both work and life fulfillment.

Lecture to be held

We have heard comments from employees that “it is difficult to communicate with members of different age groups” “I don't know how to reduce working hours” “It is difficult to build teamwork because some of the tasks are assigned to different people,” and “I am worried about career development for employees whose working hours are restricted. “

The lecture scheduled to be held on May 22 (Wed.) will be on “What is an ‘ikubosu’ (boss)” and “Role and Management of Bosses,” and I believe that you will be able to hear some hints for the above-mentioned problems.
I encourage you to attend the lectures and link them to your future action plans.
Although this lecture was given only to the supervisors, we will roll out the “ikubosu” initiative company-wide as needed.
I hope that each and every employee will make the most of his or her individuality and strengths and produce better results by changing what they do and how they do it in their own work and related work without being bound by past concepts.
In addition, please think proactively about whether there are any initiatives that will lead to the realization of work-life balance (improvement of productivity) and share them with the members around you.
Even if each individual's action may seem small, it will lead to a large effect and movement if considered on a group-wide basis.
Let each of us become a pioneer of the future and change our Group into a company that is increasingly easy to work for and full of job satisfaction!

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