New Year's Message for the Year 2024

The Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2024, which struck the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture on January 1, caused extensive damage.
I would also like to express our deepest condolences to those who lost their lives and our deepest sympathies to all those who have been affected by this disaster.
I also express our deepest respect to those who are working hard for rescue and relief efforts.
About 30 years ago, I suffered the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in Itami.
In that experience, aftershocks continued for about 10 days, and it was only after that that the full extent of the damage became clear.
Our company will make timely and appropriate decisions as to how we can provide support.

Regarding the airplane accident that occurred at Haneda Airport on January 2, some experts are reporting that it was an unthinkable accident.
It was a New Year's Day again this year, with events beyond our imagination, and it was a sobering reminder that we must keep our minds and hearts calm as we work on our business operations.
From January 4, I attended several New Year's gatherings.
I received various suggestions through real greetings and visits, and I am determined to overcome the New Year's mishaps and move forward with our business firmly into the new year.
I am afraid that major changes will continue to occur in 2024.
Let's keep our eyes on safety and quality as we go about our business.

At the Beginning of the Year

As I mentioned in my New Year's greetings for 2023, "common sense and values in the world" change with the times.

Our group is expanding its business scale, and people with diverse ways of thinking are working on a global scale.
Therefore, please take a fresh look at the importance of "communicating with words" in a way that is in line with current values.
The New Year's greeting will be seen in various media, so please take a look at it when you can (e.g., the print/web version of the Company newsletter and videos).
This year's slogan is the same as last year's: "Building a team that responds flexibly to change without being bound by past concepts.

Rather than being satisfied with conventional work, let us grow with the times and cooperate with our colleagues inside and outside the company.
This year also, let us continue to do our best in our daily work, faithfully adhering to the principles of "Banji-nissei" "Shinyo-kakujitsu," and "Fusu-furi," and keeping S.E.C.Q. (safety, environment, compliance, and quality) as the basis of our business operations!

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