Group-wide efforts on 2029V and 2025P (China and Thailand)

At the end of June, I visited various sites in China, which I had not been able to visit for the past four years, and six bases in Thailand in early July.

Visit to Chinese bases

China has been at the mercy of the authorities with their zero Covid policy and subsequent rapid spread of corona infection for three and a half years. Even under such circumstances, the base chief and the local staff worked hard to overcome the major waves of infection and protect production, while also making steady improvements. As a result, we were able to build up a solid performance in fiscal year 2022.

After the plant visit, I expressed my gratitude for their continued support and explained to the global managers about the "2029 Sumitomo Riko Group Vision" (2029V) and the "2025 Sumitomo Riko Group Medium-Term Management Plan" (2025P), both of which were announced at the end of May.

There were active questions and exchanges of opinions on the contents of 2029V and 2025P, and I felt that we have recovered from the Corona pandemic as we were able to interact with each other to fill the gap of four years. In addition, at the non-production sites (R&D and die manufacturing), we were able to recognize various issues and received various suggestions for future measures, which was very meaningful. Some of the bases we visited this time marked their 20th and 10th anniversaries in recent years, and Chinese-style receptions were held there.

Visits to Thai Bases

In early July, I visited our six bases in Thailand.

I was able to talk face to face with local partner companies for the first time since I assumed the position of president, so I thanked them for their constant support and confirmed that we will continue to work together to develop our business.

As I felt during my previous business trip to China, I was able to confirm the results of our steady improvement activities here, too despite the Corona pandemic.

When I talked about 2029V and 2025P to the global managers at each of our bases in Thailand, I received very positive feedback, such as "It was good to hear directly from the president," "I gained a deeper understanding," and "It will help motivate local staff," which made it a very fulfilling experience.In the future, I will continue to visit each base as much as possible to directly listen to the opinions of many people and make the most of them in our business operations.

I hope that the active exchange of opinions among group employees, with an awareness of the Purpose "to realize the comfort of the society by maximizing the potential of materials through Monozukuri " will help to create good examples throughout the Group.

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