Nagoya Motorcycle Show 2023

The 2nd Nagoya Motorcycle Show 2023 was held in early April at the Aichi Sky Expo (Aichi International Exhibition Center) on the CHUBU CENTRAIR International Airport Island.

This exhibition is mainly dedicated to motorcycle technology. The exhibition is an extremely valuable venue where new products and technologies can be "touched" and "explained about directly" to visitors.
We exhibited our products this time as one of the companies selected as an "Aichi Brand Company".

Exhibited Products

To promote our products in the area of thermal management, we exhibited "Finesulight," a thin-film high thermal insulation material, and "Refleshine”, a thermal barrier/insulation film.
In addition to its high thermal insulation properties, “Finesulight” is thin, lightweight, and soft, and can be used in confined spaces and complex shapes.
"Refleshine” is also a film with heat shielding and thermal insulation properties while maintaining a transparent appearance.

Visiting the exhibition

I headed to the exhibition hall on Friday, April 7.

At our booth, we used a hot plate to demonstrate the heat insulation performance of “Finesulight” and a spotlight to allow visitors to experience the heat shielding effect of "Refleshine”, which seemed to be well received by visitors.
The Governor of Aichi Prefecture, Mr. Hideaki Omura, also visited our booth and uploaded his visit on Twitter and other social media.
According to the person in charge of our booth, Chubu Keizai Shimbun had interviewed us in advance, and some companies visited our booth after reading the article in the paper. Several companies have expressed an interest in using our products.

I’m sure that continuing these kinds of steady activities will lead to the development of the company. For companies involved in manufacturing, I was reminded of the value of seeing and touching actual products and samples and receiving explanations on the spot.
Although this time’s exhibition was for motorcycles, we feel that we were able to promote our products not only to OEM manufacturers but also to parts manufacturers.
Let us all continue to pool our wisdom and engage in research and technological development under the slogan of "Building a team that responds flexibly to change without being bound by past concepts”.

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