Donation of High-Performance Masks to Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture

On June 24, I handed out masks to Komaki City Mayor Shizuo Yamashita as a token of our gratitude to the medical professionals at Komaki City Hall.

The trigger was that members of Social Contribution Program Planning office found that Komaki City, where our Komaki Head Office and plant are located, was posting the items in short supply due to coronavirus outbreak on its Fire Department WEB site.

In particular, they stated that they wanted high performance masks that met the "N95" standard. These masks are used for medical personnel in response to new coronavirus infections and are in short supply worldwide.

Actually, our company has been stockpiling masks little by little in case of an outbreak of an infectious disease. We estimated the number of masks we had stored for the second wave to be sufficient to cover our own needs, so we donated 3,360 masks to Komaki city, thinking that we should cooperate as much as possible.

Even from now on, we are planning to donate masks to the local governments such as Matsusaka City in Mie Prefecture, Susono City in Shizuoka Prefecture, Ageo City in Saitama Prefecture where our factories and offices are located, and where we are well known to local residents.

Frailty Prevention

The main topic in the discussion with Mayor Yamashita after the ceremony was “Frailty Prevention” which has been promoted by the Ministry of health, Labor and Welfare.

When I explained about the "Joint Research for Frailty Prevention” which we are conducting with Kyushu University and Itoshima City (Fukuoka Prefecture), he said he would like to consider it in Komaki City as well, and introduced the newly established "Department for the Promotion of Mutual Assistance for Healthy Lifestyles".

I would like to make the best use of our past initiatives and health oriented businesses as the contribution for the local community.

Thanks to the cooperation of local people, we are able to carry out our manufacturing activities.

We will never forget our gratitude and will continue to do our best to work together with the community.

※“Frailty” is a condition in which the body begins to weaken with age due to a decline in physical and cognitive functions.

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