Continuity is Strength:The President's Blog has exceeded more than has exceeded more than 100 times.

This blog, which was started when I became president in June 2020, has now reached a cumulative total of over 100 posting (including those published only within the company).

I have written about company milestones such as financial results, overseas business trips that I was finally able to resume, and even some personal matters, as I felt like writing.

I would be happy if my thoughts and feelings have been conveyed to those reading this blog.


I started playing volleyball when I was in junior high school and have continued to play for almost 50 years since then, although intermittently.

In the process, I have learned many things, made many histories, and met many people.

I feel that my life has become richer and more expansive because of it.

By continuing this blog, if I can further expand our connections among us, and as a result, I would be happy if we can unite the thoughts of the Sumitomo Riko Group and contribute to the creation of further synergy.

I will continue to write this blog in the hope that this blog will become a great asset in the future.

I would like to make this blog evolve into a tool for communication with all of you, so if you have any comments, please let me know.

I am ready to listen to you.

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