Summer of 2022

This year was the first summer in three years that there were no restrictions on our activities.

Therefore, I took every precaution against corona virus infection and attended my college reunion.

Due to the corona pandemic, more people have joined online, but I try to communicate face to face in real life as much as possible.

One thing that has changed in the last few years is that many of my colleagues have reached the age of 60.

One retired early and started a software company.

One remodeled his home and opened a guesthouse that is limited to one group of guests per night.

Some took over their family businesses and work there.

Some use their savings to buy real estate and live off the rental income.

One sought a company where he could make use of his experience and knowledge and became an outside director.

I felt that all of these people were enjoying the turning point in their lives by taking action on their own initiative.

It was a summer that reminded me once again of the importance of “Being able to respond flexibly to change without being bound by past concepts”.

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