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This March marks 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred.

Also last month, an earthquake with a seismic intensity of over 6 on the Richter scale occurred in the same area, which is believed to be an aftershock.

Once again, I would like to express my condolences to the victims and my heartfelt sympathy to all those who have suffered.

I myself lived in Hyogo Prefecture near the epicenter of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 26 years ago, and experienced a seismic intensity of 7.

My house was only damaged to the extent that the interior became a mess, but my neighbor's landlord's house totally collapsed.

My apartment was newly built and earthquake proofed, but it seemed that the landlord's house, despite being a very nice old house, was not prepared for earthquakes.

When I stood at the scene of the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake where the Hanshin Expressway was overturned, I was so shocked that I thought I had entered the world of some kind of movie.

And when I went to the nearby Seido Elementary School (Ashiya City), I saw the tragic situation, which still remains in my mind.

At this time, I strongly felt that it was important to be as prepared as possible in advance.

When I came to Sumitomo Riko in 2018, I learned that we have a product called TRC Damper, a seismic control system that instantly converts the energy of earthquake shaking into thermal energy by utilizing our polymer material technology.

Our technological strength lies in the fact that it does not "withstand" the energy of shaking, but rather convert it into heat. Therefore, it is highly effective against repeated earthquakes.

In addition, after experiencing the collapse of the Hanshin Expressway, Japan discovered "rubber bearings" as a technology to protect bridges from earthquake shaking.

Our technology is also used in these rubber bearings.

I am very proud to be here at Sumitomo Riko, where we are creating "products that can overcome the tragic experiences" of 26 years ago, and I personally feel some kind of connection.

※Rubber bearings for bridges

Ongoing support for areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Since 2013, our group has been conducting ongoing relief activities in the affected areas using donations from Group employees and companies.

Specifically, the activity is to deliver lunches made by local restaurants to organizations that are working on reconstruction support.

This is one way of supporting the local industry that was affected by the disaster.

And we do this hoping that people who participate in events and gatherings planned by organizations working for recovery will deepen their communication through food by eating lunch together.

One of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) is to "create cities where people can continue to live”.

This means "making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, strong, and sustainable”.

I strongly believe that the products of our Industrial Products and Materials Products Business Unit will make a significant contribution to this goal.

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