What I have found out recently.

For some time now, a young member of staff has been cleaning the floor where my desk is located every morning.

I watched him with admiration as he worked diligently and steadily.

I am ashamed to say that it was only the other day that I found out that he was an employee of our group, when I went to visit our special subsidiary, Sumi-Riko Joyful (SRK-J).

At SRK-J, there are 21 people with disabilities and follow-up people to undertake a variety of tasks for us.

・Sorting and delivery of internal documents and mail

・Production, printing and delivery of slips, business cards, posters, etc.

・Printing and delivery of company brochures, company newsletters, etc.

・Electronic data conversion of documents

・Sorting of overdue documents and paperclips from each department.

・Recycling and reuse of documents in the paper lab.

・Collection and sorting of plastic bottle caps.

・Cleaning of the office.

They work behind the scenes to create the working environment that is essential for us to work comfortably and efficiently.

They also carry out work that contributes to reducing the Group's environmental impact and costs, such as converting documents into data, and recycling.

Recycling using the Paper Lab produces approximately 750,000 sheets of recycled paper per year, which are used in various departments and other areas.

As we toured each process, we were introduced to their own work by everyone who was doing the work.

I was very impressed to see how each of them faced straight away the tasks entrusted to them and worked very hard.

Actually, the most recent job they started was cleaning the executive floor, and it was an SRK-J employee that I saw every morning.

From now on, I will enjoy talking with him every day.

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