Harmonized with the global environment ~Flexographics Business Unit

The other day, I visited the Flexographics Business Unit's plant located in in the Komaki Plant.

Flexographic is one of the businesses in the general industrial goods field, and simply put, it is a printing material product that is used as the basis for printing plates.

Our company’s flexographic plates are also branded as "AquaGreen".

The feature of this product is that it is aimed at applying printing methods using water-based ink, which is friendly to the environment and people, and is therefore widely used for food, medical, and hygiene products.

It can also be printed on soft materials, so it can be used in a wide variety of situations.

Specifically, it is used for confectionery, drinking water, and takeout food packages.

In particular, our AquaGreen has the advantage of being able to be developed in water and having less impact on the environment, so we are focusing on expanding sales in Europe, where there is a high level of environmental awareness, mainly at our plant in Italy.

I expect our product, “AquaGreen” to increase its presence in the future as environmental awareness rises around the world.

What I conveyed that day;

There seems to be achievements of daily kaizen efforts, however, since “Kaizen is never ending”, I would like you to continue making improvement efforts.

At the end of June, we will have achieved 10 consecutive years of zero industrial accidents, which is wonderful. Without letting down your guard, I would like you to make further improvements in all areas of concern by referring to other factories.

In terms of process kaizen, I would like you to share your ingenuity by clarifying and quantifying it so that it can be seen.

I think the flexographics business is exactly the kind of technology and product that contributes to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

In the general printing plate making process, solvents and other chemicals are used, but if we can get people to use AquaGreen, we can develop with water and make plates that are friendly to people and the environment.

I hope that we will further proceed technological development as well as gaining more recognition for the flexographic products in order for them to be adopted by customers globally.  

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