Safety Prayer Ceremony - How comfortable is your polo shirt?

The other day, a safety prayer ceremony was held at Kyoei Inari Shrine in front of the West Factory of Komaki Plant.

It is held three times a year with all the executives in attendance to pray for the safety of the employees and the development of the business.

This time, for the first time since the new board members took office this year, we had a priest come and offer a tamagushi(branch of a sacred tree).

Although the scale of the safety prayer, which is attended by the general managers and production department executives, has been reduced due to the Corona pandemic, it has been held every month for decades and is an annual event that I am sure everyone is familiar with.

Uniform Changes

By the way, we have made a polo shirt type summer uniform using our corporate colors.

We are worried about heat stroke in the summer, and some of our employees have already suffered from it this summer.

I asked the human resources department to produce it, thinking that it would be a little cooler than the conventional work uniform. And I also bought one and actually I wear it when I go to Komaki plant.

It's cool and easy to wear for me, but what do you think?

Please let me know what you think.

The safety standards are the "mechanism" to prevent the recurrence of accidents that have occurred in the past.

Please reconsider our policy of “Safety is the first priority.”, and work in accordance with the rules.

I am sure that you are also working on kaizen in your workplace, such as discovering unsafe behavior and unsafe conditions through workplace safety patrols, and raising safety awareness through safety dialogues.

I believe that the improvement of communication has led to the prediction of danger and the further improvement of all members’ sensitivity to danger.

In addition, due to the corona pandemic, while face-to-face group training with a large number of people is not possible, some recent hazard prediction training uses VR to allow people to experience dangers.

I experienced it myself the other day, and it was very realistic. I hope that this kind of technology will be actively promoted to achieve the most important status, “Safety”.

For everyone to be healthy and fine every day

It is important to have the mindset that you can protect and improve your own workplace and your own safety.

As the president of the company, I’m determined to make every effort to further improve the environment so that everyone can come to work in good health, go home in good health, and come back to work the next day with a good feeling.

Of course, I would like everyone to think about what is necessary and clarify what you should do and what the company should do.

I sincerely hope you will all take this opportunity to think about safety.

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