COVID19 5th wave

The new coronavirus is raging in Japan as well as in emerging countries overseas.

In Japan, a state of emergency has been declared again in Aichi Prefecture, where our headquarters is located.

We have received reports from all over the world about infected people in our group, and we are deeply concerned.

Especially in Japan, the number of infected people or people in close contact with infected people has been increasing since the end of the Summer holidays.

In order to avoid infection, it is important to pay attention to daily activities.

When there are people around you, such as in a meeting room or break room, check again to make sure you are wearing the mask correctly.

It is said that non-woven masks are more effective when used correctly.

Even when eating, people are told to wear masks except when eating, which I have heard is also very effective.

In contrast, when smoking, you are emitting smoke from your mouth, which is the same as having a conversation without a mask.

I feel that this is a situation where we need to be very careful.

We also need to be careful about what we do in places where a large number of unspecified people gather, such as underground malls.

Let’s always try to take actions that will help prevent infections, such as frequent hand washing, hand sanitizing, and gargling.

The other day, I had a chance to talk with an expatriate who had contracted corona overseas and returned home safely.

"The day after my first vaccination, I got sick. I was always very careful about what I did, but it seems I got infected at the hospital when I was vaccinated."

"It was completely different from what I had imagined, and I suffered for more than two weeks, including a fever of 39 degrees Celsius.”

"Even after the PCR test came back negative, I was losing strength and had trouble walking up and down stairs for a couple of weeks."

“A little carelessness at the hospital made me suffer a big pain.”

"When I think about it now, even though it was a vaccination opportunity, there were many unspecified people in the hospital, and I took off my mask during the medical interview. I keenly realized that we need to be very careful about our actions at all times, including situations like this."

I think only those who contracted the virus know how hard it really is.

However, all I heard from those who had been infected was the importance of daily actions.

I would like to reiterate to everyone that your health and safety is the first priority.

And only the actions of each and every one of you can protect it.

Let's check once again to make sure we are doing everything we can to prevent disinfection, etc., and get on with our work.

Keep Safe!

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