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Recently, a frailty measurement event for citizens was held in Komaki City.

Since 2015, we have been conducting research on the prevention of frailty* under a tripartite agreement with Kyushu University and Itoshima City (Fukuoka Prefecture).

Based on the results of this research, we have decided to promote the prevention of frailty in Komaki City, where our Komaki head office and Komaki plant are located.

Last year, when I was appointed President, I paid a courtesy visit to the Mayor of Komaki City, Mr Yamashita.

During the meeting with him, the topic of frailty prevention came up and the mayor suggested that we could develop the project in Komaki City, so we started preparations immediately.

However, due to the Coronavirus impact, it was not possible to hold the event and this time we were finally able to do so.

In the measuring session, height, weight, muscle mass, grip strength and walking speed were measured for people aged 65 and over.

Finally, a cross test was carried out.

This involves standing on a special mat using our proprietary SR sensor and measuring the movement of the center of gravity from front to back, and left to right.

he test checks not only the balance of the body when standing, but also the movement of the center of gravity.

For example, it can be found in this test that if your center of gravity shifts less to the left side of your body, you are more likely to fall when you lean to the left. 

The Frail Project is a cross-departmental project between the CSR Promotion Office of the Corporate Planning Department and the Advanced Systems R&D Center.

I am very much looking forward to seeing "how our technology can contribute to the field of healthcare".

I also had the opportunity to visit a measurement session, where a former employee of our company was working as a measurer, to give him encouragement.

One of the participants said, "It is very nice to have a physical check-up like this, so that I can understand my condition. I hope many people will try it.

I am very happy to see that our technology is helping local people to improve their health.

Therefore, we hope that in the future not only Komaki City but also other municipalities in the vicinity will be able to experience our technology.

On the day of the event, three newspaper journalists were present to cover the event, and they focused on our efforts to contribute to the local community by using our technology.

Some of them were also interested in our frail business in relation to the SDGs.

As I always tell you, I want to make our company able to respond flexibly to the changing times and be needed by society at large.

egarding this frailty business, the main members who are playing a central role are from the CSR promotion Team.

However, I would like to encourage all employees who are not directly involved in the project to take an interest in what the company they work for is doing and why.

*About Frailty

The term "frailty" refers to the decline in physical and cognitive functions that occurs with age, resulting in a state of weakness. Once a person is in need of care, it becomes extremely difficult to improve. Therefore, the concept of frailty prevention aims to detect and understand frailty at an early stage, so that appropriate intervention and support can improve health conditions and extend healthy life expectancy.

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