The birth of the web-based company newsletter "Mitsukumi2“

Before, in my blog, I wrote that we were considering the possibility of making our company newsletter available for viewing on each employee's personal smartphone.

After that, the Information Systems Department, the Public Relations and Investor Relations Department, and the Human Resources Department discussed security, content, etc. and the result was the web-based in-house newsletter "Mitsukumi2" that we started using from November.

Mitsukumi2 is named after the nickname "Mitsukumi," which has been used for the company's internal newsletter since 1958, and with the meaning of "Sumitomo Riko to you (employees) / you (employees) to Sumitomo Riko" and the hope that it will become a communication square for everyone.

Desire to share our thoughts and information among all of us

There are two main purposes for publishing our in-house magazine.

The first is to share the company's policies and business trends with all the people working in the Sumitomo Riko group.

In order to cope with DX (Digital Transformation), we are currently moving toward reducing the number of printed materials or eliminating the publication thereof and converting such to data.

Therefore, we have considered building a new system to enable two-way communication and to allow those who do not have PCs to easily view company information such as company newsletters from their personal smartphones.

The first tool for viewing internal information on your smartphone was "RIKO2". As for the second version, "Mitsukumi2", please let the people around you know that it has more information that everyone will want to share with the power of “Word of Mouth”.

When we visit a factory and ask people on production sites, I want to hear them say, "I know, I've seen it!” Such a reaction is my great expectation.

More communication means better performance.

The second purpose of an internal newsletter is to increase communication among employees and organizations.

“I saw you in Mitsukumi2 the other day!”

"I didn't know that our group company was working on something like this, let's find out more about it.”

When such two-way communication becomes more active, business efficiency and productivity will be improved by reviewing duplicated tasks and synergy effect, which in turn will greatly contribute to improving corporate performance.

I would be very happy if everyone could learn about the vision, goals, and direction of our group by reading our web-based internal newsletter.

Please understand the company’s goals and the directions very well so that those targets will be your own ones. And it would be gratifying if you could feel a sense of fulfillment and be motivated to work in your responsibility.

I'm sorry if I sound a bit formal, but Mitsukumi2 is interesting because it updates information about the company in a timely manner, and also contains photos taken by employees that are full of masterpieces.

I also was very happy when I was covered in the company newsletter for the first time shortly after I joined the company, and even now, more than 30 years later, I keep it as a commemoration.

If you haven't seen it yet, please try to access it.

You are welcome to make comments, a step toward interactive communication, but please be sure to have good manners when posting your comments. I hope that Mitsukumi2 will become one of the places where you can actively exchange your opinions.

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