Report meeting on the results of the tripartite agreement

At the end of last year, I went to Itoshima City in Fukuoka Prefecture.

In 2015, Kyushu University, Itoshima City, and our company signed a tripartite agreement on "health," "medical care," and "nursing care" projects, and the purpose of this visit was to participate in a report meeting.

Last time, the meeting was held remotely, but this time, the situation of the new coronavirus pandemic had calmed down a bit at that time, so we were glad to be able to hold the meeting in person with Itoshima City Mayor, Yuji Tsukigata and Kyushu University Vice President, Susumu Fukuda.

Since the start of this agreement, we have developed and launched the bedsore prevention mattress "Taiatsu Bunsan" and conducted a frailty* epidemiological study in Itoshima City.

In 2018, we also started frailty-checking activities at the Kyushu University Healthcare System LABO Itoshima (Fureai Lab), which was established in Itoshima City.

These activities have contributed to the development of SR Soft Vision (foot pressure version) and MoniLife, which were subsequently launched.

Utilizing these results, we have started the "Health Promotion Project using the Frailty Check System" in 2021 in cooperation with Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, where the Komaki Head Office and Manufacturing Plant are located.

We heard that this year's frailty check has already been fully booked and they have also received requests from other municipalities to observe the project.

I think this is a model case where we can contribute to the local community by utilizing our knowledge from industry-academia collaboration and utilizing our products in the healthcare field.

This is a great joy for us, and we hope to continue to grow into a company that is loved and needed by society, don’t we?

※The term "frailty" refers to a state of decline in physical functions due to aging or disease.

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