Do you know how to contact the Internal Reporting System?

I wrote about compliance in my blog on January 25, Compliance Review Day.

I'd like to talk about something related to that.

Survey Results

On Compliance Review Day, we conduct a survey on compliance.

In the questionnaire, there was a question about whistle-blowing (internal reporting system). 11% of the respondents of Sumitomo Riko non-consolidated and 15% of all domestic group companies answered that they did not know the contact point of the system.

his situation "surprised" me, and in a way, it also made me feel, “is that so?”

I realized once again that it is difficult to spread the word from the company, even though we think we have told everyone about it many times in various ways.

The internal reporting office is a window that accepts reports from employees and others in order to detect misconduct and fraud within a company at an early stage.

In recent years, a variety of corporate misconducts have been revealed, including quality compliance issues such as inspection fraud and quality falsification, and many of them have been uncovered as a result of whistleblowing.

The confidentiality of the report will be protected, and the whistleblower will not be subjected to any disadvantageous treatment as a result of the report.

In order for a company to have a well-functioning self-purification process, let's aim for a state in which all employees are aware of the internal reporting system, that is "100% awareness”.

Once again, I would like to ask you to reconfirm the contact information of the internal reporting system and "spread the word" to the people around you.

However, I believe that the true form of reporting is not whistle-blowing, but rather "Bad News First" from subordinates to superiors, as I always say.

This year's slogan expresses our desire to change the corporate culture to such an environment.

Early detection and early action are the most effective ways to improve the company.

Your reporting may save the company.

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